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My name is Selena IR Drake. I'm the owner of Drake Books & Media.

I'm not going to go into some long schpeel about who I married (I'm not) or how many kids I have (one spoiled fur baby) like so many of those other woman-owned small businesses. What I will tell you is that I'm a half-German redhead born under the sign of Taurus in the year of the tiger. More specifically, I am a martial arts enthusiast, a witch with Cherokee roots, and a lover of thunderstorms.

That's enough about me, don't you think?

Let's move on to why you're here.

I started writing a novel in 1998.

Since then, it has been rewritten half a dozen times before finally being published in 2008. I tried the traditional route to getting a publishing deal, and now have enough rejection letters to wallpaper my apartment (Let's face it, with a less-than 5% success rate to land an agent, more and more people are turning away from traditional publishing). So I chose the indie path. It was this decision that led to the founding of Inkslinger Books, the first incarnation of what is now Drake Books.

In 2003, I started Krazy Kustoms and served as a freelance artist. I mostly did paint jobs on classic cars and other random commissions. But that eventually dried up. I later revived it as Blue Muse Art in 2014, and have gone on to win a number of awards. But, after acquiring two new artists in 2018, Blue Muse evolved into what is now Hidden Talent Designs.

When this occurred, I realized that 'Drake Books' wasn't going to be enough. So my company became Drake Books & Media.

Now on to 2020.

Not a great year.

But being locked in due to COVID-19, I had some time on my hands. So I started looking around Minot for places to sell my books. I discovered something during my search: the "Magic City" doesn't have a magick shop. In fact, the closest metaphysical store was all the way down in Bismarck over 100 miles away.

So I took the leap and started my own.

Enter The Purple Door. Minot's first metaphysical shop.

Established the first day of 2021, The Purple Door provides various tools necessary for the alternative Arts. It's small and a bit out of the way (I'm working on that), but it's growing. And now, I'm taking it on the road!
Inside the shop 
Inside the shop
the "Roaming Dragon"
the "Roaming Dragon"